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This is your step-by-step guide to mastering plot. Through the character-first method, you'll level up your plotting skills and create engaging, compelling stories.

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Your guide to designing great scenes and compelling chapters. Learn the secret to pacing, heightening tension, and making the reader feel part of the story.

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Finally: writing advice that does justice to the kind of book you've always wanted to write.

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Holly Pickett

"This was the course I needed to get writing again and I am well on my way to finishing my manuscript. Worth it completely."

Lynn Epnett

"I loved how deeply you love your material... Thanks, again, for a course worth every penny!"

About Me.

I’m an English writer who lives in Tennessee. However, I’ve been in the US so long that my accent is starting to wobble. It’s so bad some British people don’t believe me when I say where I was born.

I spent my PhD researching better ways to help people tell stories. After I finished that degree, I began teaching my techniques online. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Now I get to share my love of literature, story construction, and sentence craft with thousands of writers — people just like you — each week.

They say

tawni waters bio pic

"He respected my work and vision but also had a keen editorial eye and a stroke of literary genius that took everything I’d written to the next level."

Tawni Waters - ILA award-winning author of Beauty of the Broken, Siren Song, and The Ride Home

Buege and wife

"Daniel was as good an editor as one could ever wish for. He has a good eye and a very good ear."

Bill Buege - author of Stumble Into a Lighted Room

Julia Brown testimonial

"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace   (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor.

If you can take a class with him, do it!"

Julia Brown - author and literary editor

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