November 7



I’m still rewriting the story I’m planning to send to MFA courses as my writing sample. It should be good when it’s finished, but revision takes a lot of stamina.

There are three programmes that I definitely want to apply for, and am still looking for an interesting fourth or fifth.

The three definites are Iowa, Michigan and Indiana.

I’m off to Jordan on Tuesday to do my GRE test. Wish me luck!



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  • Hey man,
    Good luck with the test. I can’t say much about Iowa or Indiana, well okay I can. They’re boring and full of cornfields. Though I’m sure in a Master’s program you would meet a lot of interesting, like-minded people.
    Go for Michigan if you can. I’m biased because the Great Lake State is my home state, but Ann Arbor will offer you a well-rounded environment.
    In fact, it’s probably one of the only cities in the Mid-West that offers a truly cultural experience. I’m sure the college towns in Iowa or Indiana are pretty good as well, but that’s all they are – college towns.
    I don’t know about the specifics you look for in a program, but I know you’d have a great time at U of M.

    Good luck on the exam!

  • The very best of luck to you. I can’t help but hope Iowa is in your future — the lack of culture is exactly the reason it’s a great haven for writers — no distractions. But, it’s probably one of the toughest programs in the world to get into. I’ve been enjoying all of your posts and love the writing samples I’ve been able to read. You might want to think about Bennington as another possibility. I’m a little biased toward New England, but it’s a great program too if you can handle the winters. My fingers are crossed.

  • Hey, good luck on the GRE, man. I thought you’d closed this blog and gone into the desert ;).

    Note to self: remember to re-insert _suitcasing_ link.

  • I’m too late to wish you luck. I don’t think you’ll need it though. Nice to see you’ll be joining the ranks of ‘back to school’ folk. I’m looking forward to the academic adventures 🙂

  • Daniel,

    Good luck in your applications, you know I am pulling for you to end up at Michigan. Beware, though, it is cold and dreary.


  • U Mich is excellent! I’m in the MFA program and I’m sad to be graduating in April. It’s a great place full of wonderful writers and mentors. Hope you get in! I enjoy your posts.

  • Lots of people have said good things about UofM…. Inshallah…

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