September 14


Guide to applying to a Creative Writing MFA

I wrote this small, three-part guide a while back. The season for applying is here, so here I am, re-linking.

I should point out that everything in the guide is purely my opinion, and has no connection to the application process at Rutgers-Camden. The one thing I do know, from listening to my programme director on the subject, is about the forums and comment threads at popular getting-into-MFAs-blogs: she has pointed out, more than once, that she and lots of other MFA directors read those blogs, so she recommends not posting negative comments about any programme you might want to attend (e.g. “Yeah, I got an offer from x, but I hear that place sucks, so I’m waiting for y”). She also believes she can see through aliases and Internet pen-names; I’m not sure exactly how, but I’ve come to respect her powers.

I’m happy to answer questions in the comments. Best wishes.

A guide to applying to MFAs



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