May 31


Matt Bell’s “Cataclysm Baby”; read with an English accent

You can see my review of Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby, for the Los Angeles Review, here. Thank you to Joe Ponepinto for setting it up. Here in this post, you can hear me read two passages from the book, below.

When I write a review, especially a short one, I regret not being able to offer a direct experience of reading the actual book. A reviewer can highlight features, forces at work, surprising things to look for—to augment the reader’s past or future reading experience. But without space to quote extensively, one is forced into the second best solution: coming up with new ways of saying, “It woz good.” The reviewer writes more easily when she gets to be analytic, comparative, cerebral—even if her personal experience of reading the book in question was delighted, irritated, wonder-wounded.

Technology can perhaps even the balance. This is me reading a couple of passages I liked from “Cataclysm Baby.”

Edgar, Edric, Eduardo:

Ulmer, Ulric, Ursa:

[These recordings may get suaver in future posts, and I may even learn how to spice sound files together.]

Time to read the review? And Amazon sells it here.

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