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  • Thanks for the seven days. I had a lot of fun. And you’re so right about workshops. Too much, too quickly. For me, writing is very personal, and to do it in the workshop format has limited value. I prefer working away on my own, and getting feedback when I am ready for it.

  • You’re right about workshops, Daniel. Because of the amount of students in a workshop, I never felt there was ever enough time to dedicate to each story. It usually amounted to “I liked this, I liked that, maybe try this and that.” It’s great if you want initial feedback and critique, but I never felt I actually learned anything other than to try and make my story work better when I want to also be a better writer.

    I wish I was able to complete the last few exercises on the days they were assigned. This was a great series of posts!

  • Why is your blog named ”the incompetent writer”? What does make someone a writer in your opinion? Is it a matter of talent? In my teen years i had turned obligatory literature classes into a warzone, because the teachers were extremely narrow minded. I wonder if your blog can help someone like me.

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