April 5


I Helped Edit This Essay: Scars and Dirt

Take a look at Christopher Lowe's fine essay, Scars and Dirt, over at Fiction Writers Review, about writing and teaching the “modular” story.

Does every story need to build via a linear plotline, with cause and effect leading from one event to the next? No–not the modular story. That story's modules, its “units of information,” as Lowe explains, are “gifted to a reader and laid alongside one another in the hope that there can be an accumulation of meaning, a building and layering…” The modular story asks a lot of its reader, perhaps, but its rewards can be great, too, and its associative form can shake up any writer who has started to feel jaded about the oh so familiar Freytag triangle.

I played a small role editing the piece; it's the first of a series on the teaching of fiction. Stay tuned for the rest of the essays.

You should also check out Fiction Writers Review's newly released, re-designed website. It's very good looking, and was a long time in the making.

Congratulations to them on their new home.


Christopher Lowe, Fiction Writers Review, modular story, mosaic fiction

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