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Write a Story Every Day for 100 Days

Ever wanted to give yourself a really intense writing challenge? How about one very short story every day for 100 days? Here is a guest post from Alice J. Black describing how she's going about her 100-day challenge:


Write a Story Every Day for 100 Days

by Alice J. Black

When I first heard about the challenge Give it 100 I was on my favourite writing site, www.writing.com. I have a lot of dear friends there who were talking about this phenomenon and when I asked myself what I could do 100 times in 100 days, the first thing that came to mind was writing!

I’ve just hit day seventy out of 100. I’m past the halfway point and on the home bound stretch you might say, but let me tell you, it certainly hasn’t been easy! I signed up with a group of friends on Writing.com who were undertaking the challenge in different ways and so it began. I started on the second of February which, in retrospect, seems like a million miles away now. If you were to ask me now if I’d go back and start all over, I’m not sure if I would. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a brilliant experience so far and with a month to go, I know I’ll complete it but it’s been an uphill struggle since day one.

I adore writing, I always have and I am also one of those people who hates to fail. If I set myself a challenge, nine times out of ten, I will do it. So that is what is my motivation has been: I don’t want to fail. Finding time to write everyday isn’t as easy as you would think. I have to fit it in between work and social time and going to the gym. I work shifts which leave me tired and sometimes it’s been a struggle to pick up the pen (or keyboard) but I do it. There have been days I’ve forgotten to write entirely! Sometimes I’ve just been so over-tired that writing has literally been the last thing on my mind. However, with the group on Writing.com we allowed ourselves to have a set number of days off so I’ve been using some of them too. Though even then I don’t want to use them if I can’t help it.

When I first began the challenge I was working towards set prompts as I was already taking part in a thirty day contest so they were combined. Writing to a prompt I found made it a lot easier. Even at those times when I felt unable to write at least I had something to focus on. After that finished, I found myself drifting a little bit. I tried to give myself prompts and find contests which asked a writer to consider a particular thing, but it wasn’t always possible so I did some freewriting on some days too. Some of those days I did come up with some good stuff, but others I didn’t and I was just happy to have written something.

My original goal was to write 100 short stories in 100 days. Since beginning and because I’m writing a novel too, my goal has changed slightly and I’m happy as long as I’m writing something with a story in it. It’s allowed me to work on my novel regularly (something which I don’t usually do unless it’s NaNo).

Tips? If someone else was going to embark on this journey I would say you need a good calendar and somewhere to keep track of what you’ve written. Coffee is also essential as is chocolate or the preferred sweets to keep you going!

It’s certainly a worthwhile challenge but you’ve really got to push yourself here and be determined to finish. Good luck to anyone who wants to have a go!

One of Alice's micro-fictions from the challenge:

The Gloom

The Gloom overtakes everything. Disease and famine is rife throughout the town and is spreading rapidly. Everyone affected will experience extreme fatigue and dizziness, often with sickness too. As the disease worsens, victims can expect to bleed from the eyes and ears, experience swelling of the abdomen and sometimes hair loss.

If anyone is know to have The Gloom it is advised they are quarantined immediately and killed in a humane way. To complete the ridding of the disease, all bodies should be burned and for this pyres can be found in many locations across town.

This has been a Government announcement.

Alice J. Black was born in the North East England and even as a child had more fascination with books than the outside world. She writes in the supernatural young adult genre and likes to experiment with other genres. She’s an avid writer on her second home, www.writing.com. Her debut novel, The Doors, is due for publication in September 2014 from http://www.fireandiceya.com. She has had other short works published previously in the Writing.com Anthology 2013.



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  • Thank you for having me for this great guest blog spot Daniel! I really enjoyed writing it and reflecting on my experience of writing every day for 100 days!

    • @alicejblack, you can’t pick up a keyboard 😛 (I just almost used the emoticon tag from WDC..) Great guest blog post!

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