July 26


Your Friday Writing Challenge (William Gibson)

A little late, here is the third challenge, taken from another book on my PhD reading list, William Gibson’s cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer.

(Click here for a full explanation of the series.)

This paragraph comes early in the novel. The protagonist, Case, is a cyber-hacker unable to adjust to the loss of his cyber-hacking abilities, on the verge of drug-related or mob-related suicide, when a mysterious guy recruits him for a new job. This mysterious guy gives him back the power to enter cyberspace, but announces that the cure will only last if Case completes the mission.

At this early stage in the book, Case is hooked up to the consciousness of a fellow operative, Molly, a dangerous “street samurai,” who seems to be equally in the dark about their employer’s motives. Case and Molly are sleeping together.

In the paragraph, he is watching out of her eyes, feeling what her body feels, but unable to speak to her or influence anything. She is walking through the cyber punkish city, going to a mysterious location on the street called Memory Lane. He doesn’t know why he needs to see what she is about to show him.

The paragraph starts like this:

Her destination was one of the dubious software rental complexes that lined Memory Lane. There was a stillness, a hush. Booths lined a central hall. The clientele were young, few of them out of their teens. They all seemed to have carbon sockets planted behind the left ear, but she didn’t focus on them. The counters that fronted the booths displayed hundreds of….

So — write the rest of the paragraph, and maybe continue it into another. What does Molly do? What does Case see / think? How would you describe this grimy future city?




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