April 29


My About Town Bag: Tom Bihn


My wife gave me a great birthday present on Monday: the Tom Binh Daylight Briefcase. It was the exact light, iPad Pro-sized bag I had hoped for. As I walk across North Knoxville, working on my novel in one or other of the area’s coffee shops, this is the bag I bring.

From the same “less is more” design school as the Daylight Backpack, the Daylight Briefcase is our answer to those who desire a classic, ultralight, and utilitarian briefcase.

And, like any well-realized, pure, straight-forward design, the Daylight Briefcase is defined almost as much by what it forgoes as by what it features. Our decision to omit padded handles, foam panels, and structure makes it eminently light and packable…

The bag is small enough to require conscious packing, but large for my big iPad, a bluetooth keyboard, the Roost stand, my sunglasses, migraine medicine, and a few snacks. The shoulder strap is not the most padded, but the bag is so incredibly light that it doesn’t matter.

The one tricky issue is that the bag isn’t set up well to carry a waterbottle, making it a bit limited for a long day out. It’s also not padded at all, so might not be ideal for a fragile laptop. But so far I am very, very happy.

Update: Somehow, the bag has ended up on the floor and my writing partner is sitting on it.


daylight briefcase, ipad pro, Tom Binh

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  • Sean P Carlin says:

    Honestly, I don’t know how people walk around without some kind of shoulder bag or satchel! I bought an eight-dollar canvas map bag from an army surplus shop in Lower Manhattan when I was seventeen (so I could carry a novel along with my keys and wallet on my commute to/from the Bronx), and I’ve been wearing a bag ever since. I just recently received one of these for my own birthday and have been really enjoying it; for me, it’s the perfect dimensions to hold an iPad or Kindle or book, but not as wide or cumbersome as a briefcase.

    And Happy Birthday, Daniel!

    • True — and that looks like a great bag! I agree with you.

      However, the strange thing is that wearing a shoulder bag can be, to some people in the US, a provocative act. I’ve had frat-boy types lean out of their car and say what they considered to be insulting things about my sexuality because I was wearing “a purse.”

      • Sean P Carlin says:

        Hey, Jack Bauer wears one, so next time somebody gives you a hard time about it, have them take it up with him!

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