July 28


How to Begin Your Novel? (Part Two)

Hi everyone!

This is video #2 of my series on novel-writing: how to make plotting your next book much, much easier.

In video #1, I talked about planning the first twenty pages of your novel, and how to make your story grab a reader's attention.

Today, I'm going to be talking about narration, and why you probably need two separate narrators in your novel. I'll also be responding to readers' questions.

The third video aims to help you get from page twenty to page fifty, and to create a well-designed, easily described story that is very easy to pitch to an agent, editor, or bookseller.

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  • I liked what you had to say on narration and POV. However, I think if you had an organized video like you did with the first video, I think your instruction would come off better and more organized. I felt this video was quite distracting as you were often distracted. I think you have really worthwhile, fresh information to share, but you would be best to share it in an organized, professional manner.

  • Thanks Heidi! Maybe the live approach wasn’t the best option…

    • Well, who knows? Maybe others found it more useful than I did. Overall, you are a fantastic teacher with valuable information. I appreciate what you have to offer, so thank you for your time, energy, and instruction.

  • Stephanie K says:

    You speak so much like Neil Gaiman, (only a bit less creepy). In the first narration, I imagined you with the same wild hair and perhaps glasses. Well, surprise to me. You really have glasses. In any case, thank you for posting this. You touched on aspects of successful story beginnings in a way I’d not considered before. Much appreciated.

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