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People think of writing as a solitary pursuit.

But the great writers of the past sought one another out for feedback, support, and parties.

Just as Shakespeare headed to London to become a playwright, authors have travelled to Paris, Harlem, and Prague, as well as to conferences such as AWP and Clarion West.

So I made an online group for the readers of this blog.

It’s called “Writing is my Superpower.”

You can join it here:…

or here:

Writing is my Superpower

I knew if I was going to create a writing community, I wanted it to be supportive, useful, and focused. I listened to dozens of people’s feedback and designed the group accordingly.

To put it simply, people wanted a firmly curated space where they could get feedback, receive writing prompts, discuss craft issues, learn how to get their work out into the world, and to interact with other writers. They did not want to see the group fill up with self-promotion or off-topic bad faith arguments.

We already have 400 writers in attendance.

And there is a weekly schedule of workshops, articles to discuss, and a very, very slow reading group.

Mondays: the person being “workshopped” shares their work
Tuesdays: a craft workshop on that person’s writing
Wednesdays: essays, articles, and interviews
Thursdays: the two-page reading club
Fridays: tell us about your week + special threads

If you can, would you do me a favour? Would you join the group and see if you can work your way through the three-part “Warm Up Welcome” sequence?

I’ve created a three-part sequence to introduce new arrivals to the group — does it actually work?

Tell me if all the links are correct, and you are able to start and finish the sequence smoothly.

If you could also, once you join, share a great article on writing or an interview with a writer you admire (from someone else’s site, not your own), that would be amazing, too.


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