May 6


The Novel Writing Seminar Begins

Want to be a more effective novelist?

Many writers find it stressful to work on a full-length book project.

People struggle with plotting, and with not knowing where to begin.

People also worry about keeping to a schedule, about getting stuck or sidetracked, or about writing too much backstory or exposition.

And, in addition, I know that many of the writers who have hired me as their coach feel their stories need more drama, more compelling twists and turns.Plan, schedule, and begin your novel with this free course

Now, my goal is to be helpful, so I thought about how I teach novel-writing.

In this “novel-writing seminar,” I’m going to share my best techniques to help you overcome all the above concerns.

These are the same techniques you would pay thousands of dollars to learn in one of my college classes.

It’s a comprehensive, free course for aspiring novelists.

I’ll share videos and printable worksheets on:

  • writing a compelling first ten pages
  • picking a good narrator for your story
  • creating a protagonist who takes action
  • avoiding stress and blockages
  • knowing when to STOP researching
  • building an outline with boxes and arrows

Join the seminar below to get full access to this free training course. It’s running now, through the first two weeks of May 2018.


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Allison Saft: “Daniel truly has a gift. He’s one of the most patient and encouraging teachers I’ve had.”

D. Pease: “Ironically, I cannot express with words the gratitude I feel for you getting me into a frame of mind that has me planning my day around my writing.”


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