May 13


Use two narrators (novel writing seminar)

Do you ever wonder how best to introduce your readers to your protagonist?

Do your the readers of your work ever seem confused — and not in a good way?

Do your dramatic scenes not quite land the way you want them to?

Don’t worry. This is a common writing problem.

This video presents a framework to help you narrate more nimbly and more effectively.

You’ll learn how to slip complex background information into a gripping scene.

You’ll see how famous novelists have mastered the art of point of view.

And you’ll be able to apply these methods to your own work in progress!

Watch the video–and get the worksheet–here!

Why you should use two narrators


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  • Daniel Pease says:

    “…starting too close to the story.” For the hard hook and grab ’em by the throat crowd, most provocative. I find once in the groove, moving with the ebb and flow of the story, this in and out distance becomes almost natural. A strong reason to be faithful and consistent in my writing schedule. Another device I’ve been using is what I call the “side-show”. Nothing more than a quick paragraph in third person at the top of scene, especially a long, complicated bit that summarizes a lot of the story… perhaps it gives a little bit more background or fleshes out the mood, I find it layers in a new dimension of narration. Thank you for this insight. I rarely write such exquisite prose but it’s good to have the confidence to push a little deeper.

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