Write Your Book Now will turn you into an effective and confident author.

It’s for absolute beginners as well as more experienced writers.

It’s a three-month course, with an option to extend the group once the main course is over.

I created it after coaching dozens of writers.

My impression is that aspiring authors suffer from three main problems:

  1. Feeling unsure how to turn their ideas and inspiration into a story — the problem of plot, in other words.
  2. Suspecting the scene or chapter they are currently writing is not good, not gripping, not entertaining — and thus becoming overwhelmed and stuck.
  3. Lacking the time, energy, accountability, and encouragement to actually sit in the chair and keep writing.

Write Your Book Now offers solutions to all three problems.

  1. At the start of the course, we will talk about your ideas on the phone and together sketch out a visual outline of your first six scenes. I will listen to you, work out the kind of book you want to write, and help you design a plot structure that will be straightforward to create.
  2. In the early weeks of the course, we will also practise the techniques of scene creation and narration, so that your characters pop on the page, and your scenes make clear and striking dramatic sense to your readers.
  3. Through small, but gradually increasing writing targets, and with A LOT of encouragement, support, and accountability, we will all, as a group make time for our writing and move forward in our projects.

You can, if you want, create or revise an entire manuscript in three months. My experience with the course, however, is that most people are not looking to write so rapidly. And we’ll all busy. I would imagine that even the busiest, rustiest writer can create the first 100 pages of her book during the official course period (then the graduates of the course can keep working together in a private group.

If you would like to know more, I would love to talk to you about your book and your goals here:

Book a phone call

I would love to help you make progress on your book. The call itself is free, and I’ll work hard to help you plan out your writing project during our conversation.

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