Thank you so much for buying this Black Friday special offer!

I'm looking forward to getting this podcast project started. I'm going to be sketching out ideas soon and I'll be in touch with my progress, step by step.

One other option for today

Okay... this is just an option...

As I've been thinking about you observing and commenting on my strategy for this project, I am at the same time (of course) reminded how much I like advising other writers on their strategy and planning. 

A while ago, I sold a "one-off" strategy planning session -- "your best writing year" -- and I thought I might quietly bring it back, just for this page. 

See if this is interesting 

(but you don't have to look at it)

just to be clear...

I always hate those website checkouts where you press "buy" and then suddenly there is another screen trying to sell you another thing. And worst of all, they sometimes make you click some humiliating button in order to not buy this other thing. All you want to do is look at the thing you just bought and then you see a button like...

That is not a real button please don't click it

Due to my aversion towards long, semi-deceptive checkout sequences like this, I am designing a much more inefficient one for you today. If you feel ready to stop looking at offers from me today, or you already own my course on writing chapters, feel free to close this page. 

If not -- take a look below... this is kind of fun...


This is so simple -- are you interested in getting writing advice? This is not a package or a program: it's just one hour on the phone or over Zoom with me. Let me give you all the writing advice I can over that hour.

See if this is interesting -- we could make a straightforward plan for your writing projects in 2024.

I've made a few spots available for $129 each. This isn't public and not something I've offered in a few years.

writing desk

If you decide later this week to buy one of my more substantial coaching packages, you'll be able to take the price of this one session of that total price (aka get a refund for this purchase).