Thank you so much for joining RWD! 

I'll be in touch soon with details about the shortlist for our next few books. 

Feel free to email me and let me know a novel you think we should read.

I'm happy to answer questions about this whole process, too -- my teaching etc. Let me know if there is something you have been meaning to ask me for some time!

One other (New) option for today

Okay... this is just an option...

Confession: one thing about RWD... it's kind of a slow burn experience... you have to wait until the weekend to get your first newsletter. And then wait until next week for our first Zoom call.

So I do have one more offer for you today. 

But I want to ask your permission first.

I have a special offer... on a course about your writing style and voice...

(but you don't have to look at it)

just to be clear...

I always hate those website checkouts where you press "buy" and then suddenly there is another screen trying to sell you another thing. And worst of all, they sometimes make you click some humiliating button in order to not buy this other thing. All you want to do is look at the thing you just bought and then you see a button like...

That is not a real button please don't click it

Due to my aversion towards long, semi-deceptive checkout sequences like this, I am designing a much more inefficient one for you today. If you feel ready to stop looking at offers from me today, or you already own my course on writing chapters, feel free to close this page. 

If not -- take a look below... this is kind of fun...


Okay -- I'm so glad you were interested.

A funny fact about me: the area of craft that I first became known for was not plot -- it was writing style.

I created a blog post series on improving your voice on the page that thousands of people read (due to a lucky share on Reddit).

Eventually, I developed those techniques into a course: Transform Your Writing Style.

Today I am offering that course as one more deal -- only to people who already bought something today.

It's my course, Transform Your Writing Style.

It's normally $127.

But today, I'll created 10 tickets for the course at just $47. After they run out, the price will go up to $57. After they run out... $67.

You get the idea.

I’ve designed this course so that everyone, no matter how little free time they have, can see profound improvements in their writing.

In fact, if you are already working on an existing project, like a novel or a research paper, you’ll be able to incorporate this course into your normal writing sessions.

You will finish the course skilled at

  • Blending forward motion and prose style in your paragraphs
  • Guiding your readers through complex descriptions and ideas
  • Constructing striking and intricate “cumulative sentences”
  • Including richly lyrical (and yet still clear) language in both stories and essays
  • Describing landscapes and settings with drama and telling details

It's great! Get one of the low-priced tickets -- this week only: