November 20-24, 2023

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the daily deal will be available from 9:00 am until 10:00pm EST.

How this is going to work

Each day from November 20-24 has a different featured "deal of the day". The daily deal will be available from 9:00am until 10:00pm EST. 

Come back every day to purchase. After the deal has closed - THAT'S IT! There are no extensions. All aboard, please -- mind the gap!

SECRET DEAL 2: Tuesday, November 21

Plotting and Planning Your Novel Plus

What it is —> PPN Plus is your practical, step by step program for making a writing breakthrough with your novel. For three months, you'll complete "milestones" that will give your writing process (or re-writing process) structure and focus. You'll receive feedback from NYT bestselling author, Allison Saft (who is also a past student of mine and who understands character-first writing on a very deep level); each week, you'll be able to submit plot questions to me and I'll create video or audio responses.  

Who is it for —> PPN Plus is ideal for the writer who... is eager to get / continue writing yet who also wants advice and support along the way... who appreciates a deadline and getting good feedback... who is willing to ask questions and seek out help when stuck... likes being part of a group of authors who are working at their own pace and on their own projects.

Why people love it —> PPN Plus is the hands on, "actually doing the writing" other half of my beloved plotting course, PPN. Writers love the accountability, the flexible nature of the schedule, and the expert feedback and advice from two coaches. 

PPN Plus is normally $2,500. Today it is $1,800 -- ten seats are available for the Jan to April season.

SECRET DEAl 3: wednesday, November 22

the Character-first podcast

What it is —> In 2024, I'm launching my very own podcast, "Writing with Daniel." Want to come along for the season of recording the initial sessions? Paid members get first access to the opening 10-episode season, the chance to get their writing questions answered "live" on air, and a private feed with one more question posed to each guest.

Who is it for —> You like learning from my craft talks and you wonder what a podcast from me would be like. You'll get a kick out of hearing the episodes before everyone else. 

Why people love it —> This is not a subscription (yet). You join just for this first, experimental season where you can help me create a unique show for writers. 

Season one: available for $29 for one day only.

GET THIS DEAL: Tuesday, Nov 21


What it is —> My private writing circle's spring season, from late January to end April. We meet Mondays at 4pm NYC time, expanding and building on pages you've written. Hosted by me and my celebrated co-coach, Rosiee Thor. 

Who is it for —> Join this great community with a clear focus, a lesson plan, and a supportive atmosphere. All levels of writer are welcome, from beginner to advanced.

Why people love it —> Learn new writing and revising skills in a relaxed, friendly, peaceful group.

Normally $500 - today there are 30 seats available at $399. These discounted seats INCLUDE a free ticket to our January Summit Camp (normally $97) and instant access to the replays of my foundational class, The Character First Workshop.

GET THIS DEAL: Monday, November 27

Cyber Monday sURPRISE


What they say

Elizabeth R. Alix

Author of Maple Hill Chronicles

Tannis Laidlaw

Mystery Writer

Quenntin Ashby

Urban Fantasy Writer

"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor.

Daniel is attentive to plot, structure, character, and other high-level narrative elements, but you’ll appreciate his ability to zoom in closely on language and sentence-level concerns.

If you can take a class with him, do it!"

- Julia Brown, editor and literary author

"With Daniel's scene instruction workshop, I was able to write more quickly and competently. 

I wish I had taken a class like this sooner. I would've been a better novelist and my short story production would've been much larger."

- John Vurro


I love Black Friday week

I'm so excited to share these offers with you. I'm already planning out the first half of 2024 -- my courses, workshops, and events -- and it's wonderful to be able to present these special Black Friday deals. 

I love helping writers make progress on their goals and achieve their dreams. I hope you will allow me to be your writing guide and advisor in the coming year. 

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