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I love helping writers improve their skills, have fun, and get their books written.

And Writing Better Sentences is a really awesome training guide.

In this pdf, you're going to learn how to:

  • use verbs correctly
  • build up vivid, rich descriptions
  • listen for rhythm of your prose
  • try out a new writing voice

However, before we can begin, there's one more step.

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You might be thinking — click a link? 



Just give me the book already!

Well, in the past, a surprising number of "people" signed up for my emails who later turned out to be robots. 

And more than a few, while they were actual people (I think), they weren't really interested in reading my stuff, and never opened any of my emails.

And I only want to contact people I can actually help.


Before I we can begin, can you check your email? You should have a message from me with a big yellow button you can click. 

That will let me send you the book. 


But what if I use GMAIL?

It should be easy to find the email from me.

It might just teleport itself into your inbox. Which is awesome.

However, if you are using Gmail, you'll probably have one more step.

That's because Gmail cares about you. The problem is, Gmail cares so much, it tries to hide stuff from you.

My email may have ended up in your "promotions" tab. 

This is the classification that Gmail uses for any emails from businesses or enterprises where you don't yet know the sender personally.

Now, I hope we'll get to know each other. I hope you'll soon email me and let me know what you think of the book. 

And, more importantly, I have some additional bonus lessons to send you: videos and techniques that didn't make it into the book.

So we need to "teach" Gmail that you actually want to hear from me.

What does this mean? You may have to look for my confirmation email in your "promotions" tab and then move it into your "primary" tab.

That way you'll be certain of seeing the bonus content for this book.  

Here's how to do it:

from promotions to primary

Here are the gmail steps...

Log into your gmail.

Go to your promotions tab.

Select my email (see how I do this, above).

Right click on my email.

Select the first option, Move to Tab.

Select "Primary."

Then go back to Primary, find the email, open it, and click the big yellow button.

That's it! 

That's all it takes.

But what if no email appears??


Check spam?

Wait a few minutes?

If neither of those options work, email me directly: newsletter@danieldavidwallace.com

Title your email: WHAT ON EARTH, DANIEL? 

And tell me you signed up for the Better Sentences Guide.

I'll respond and get you the book!

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