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As the above video explains, we are going to work through three big ideas in this course:

1. How to design a great chapter /scene

2. How to weave great scenes together to tell a story

3. How to create a vivid, engaging, flowing fictional reality, through setting and dialogue

The course is meant to be interactive. Every lesson is full of prompts, ideas, and scene builders, like the one below:

a sample gif of how the interactive elements in WGC work

Additionally, I want to hear what you think! Leave comments below, email me, or reach out by chat. Maybe I can create a lesson that solves the exact problem you have in your story.



  • Holly Pickett says:

    This is my second course with you and I am excited to learn from you once again. I really think these concepts will help where I am struggling.

  • Hi Daniel,
    I am a graduate student who as is expected has tons of report and essays to write. In the past, I had no issue with writing reports but all of a sudden I have had such terrible bouts of writers block that I can not write anything. At all. I’m completely lost. Would you tell me which one of your writing course could potentially reignite my writing skills ?

  • Tina McCoy says:

    I’m not sure if this is a problem with my computer or the streaming, but here are things on this page that caused me discomfort.
    1) The audio sound is too low, I can’t understand what you’re saying. I turned up the volume on my computer speakers, but the audio sound was still low.
    2) Too many movements and fast scrolling on the screen page, it’s dizzying to try to read
    3) Too much information and words on one page, I don’t know where to put my focus to get started. I can’t tell what I have to do after listening to the audio.

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