Watch This First: a Guide to the Highlights of this Course!

I'm so happy to see you here!

You're going to plot out a great novel and you'll improve all kinds of writing skills.

Now, there is a lot for me to share. I'm going to describe techniques, offer you interactive prompts to apply those ideas to your own work, discuss solutions to common (and uncommon) plot problems, and talk through examples of the craft in well-known published novels. 

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Elizabeth R. Alix

Author of Maple Hill Chronicles

Tannis Laidlaw

Mystery Writer

The One Day, One Week, One Month Framework

However, I also know you are busy. And we all learn in different ways. So I've designed the course to cater to a range of different writers: there is a quick way to work through the training, taking in only the essentials, and a slower, more complete way.

The more streamlined approach: the opening modules of the course are designed to give you surprisingly quick victories. The course is set up so that you will learn a powerful framework for beginning a novel and writing the first 1 - 3 chapters in the first 24 hours after you sign up; then you will try out and apply a range of enhanced fiction-writing skills in the first week; and then you will plan out and start writing (or revising) your plot in the first month.

If that schedule excites and inspires you, great, go for it!

(Do you have to stick to that schedule if you don't find it intriguing and / or practical for your life right now? Not at all. This is your course and you have unlimited, ongoing access -- there is no rush. However, this framework (of a day, a week, a month) will still be helpful because it allows me to highlight the core elements of the course, the best path through the lessons, no matter if you start those lessons immediately after buying or six months later.)

Map of the course highlights, broken into three sections: day one, week one, month one

As the map shows, this course is broken down into three main sections:

Module 1 gets you started (or re-started). I'll share one framework for writing the opening of your story -- an opening that contains lots of in-built tension and which holds back exposition until later in the tale.

Module 2 is all about building blocks and craft techniques: it shows you some new ways to see your novel project, and it equips you with an enhanced toolkit for creating great scenes and characters.

Module 3 is where we actually construct your plot. Here, we'll design your story in four stages, spot and fix problem areas, and discover which elements in your writing may be holding you back.

In the bonus Module 4, you write. I'll guide you through the outlining of your entire novel and the writing of a compelling opening section of your novel, the first 30 - 50 pages.

I'm Ready to Begin

You've poured your coffee (or other suitable drink). You're ready to  get started at the beginning.

I Want the Manual

You're more of a hands-on person: you want to start by downloading the pre-writing manual. 

I Need Help

You're looking for help or advice. That's good -- there are several ways to reach out.

Make sure (now or later) to download the two course manuals. They are the highlight of the course for some writers.

P.S. Probably the most popular lessons are:

1. Why your character needs a project

2. The ABC Plot in four stages

3. The "perfect" opening to your novel

I also recommend the tough love taught in fake plot.

Look out for the prompts and action steps, too, at the end of many lessons. These steps prompt you to take notes on your own project, internalising and mastering the course's techniques.

Additionally, look out for regular emails from me, coaching you through the course piece by piece. 

Your First Prompt:

Click the image below to start your first prompt: "Character vs Plot"

The prompt will get you in the right mindset for the rest of the course -- and it might inspire you, too!

how to begin the first prompt: just click this image


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