Where should I start? What course should I begin with?

Lesson 4

The best starting point for most writers is my course Plotting and Planning Your Novel.

This is a guide to plot that coaches you through the creation of a fantastic plan / outline for your story. You'll apply the character first plotting approach and use the step-by-step guidance to develop a great plot -- and then you'll start writing it. 

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"I cannot tell you how much I value and still think about your writing advice and strategies. The book I wrote after we worked together landed me my agents at InkWell, and back in May, we sold two YA fantasy novels to Wednesday Books/Macmillan. The first one comes out in early 2021!"

To other writers considering this course: Daniel truly has a gift. He’s one of the most patient and encouraging teachers I’ve had. He gives the type of feedback that energizes rather than discourages, the kind that makes you feel like you can rebuild your novel—and rebuild it stronger."

- Allison Saft, author of Down Comes the Night (forthcoming)

This course is suitable both for new writers and for people who have published their first few books. It clears up all sorts of myths and unhelpful advice about plotting and shows you a simpler, clearer way forward which your reader will love. 

Learn more about the course here: Plotting and Planning Your Novel

Buy it and get lifetime access here: Registration Page

Plot seems to be the technical challenge that frustrates most writers. That's why I recommend writers try out my plotting course first. 

If, however, you already feel like you have a mastery of plotting, or you simply cannot stand outlining anything at all, then you should try out my course Writing Great Chapters.

This course gives you the micro-skills and techniques to write amazing scenes, big tour-de-force turning points, shocking plot twists, and dialogue that sounds real. 

Writing Great Chapters will also help you discover your story as you go: the course prompts you to create new scenes based on the situation your protagonist finds herself in, inspiring you to create new locations, side characters, and complications. 

Learn more here: Writing Great Chapters

(For people who have already taken Plotting and Planning Your Novel, WGC is the perfect next step.)

The next step, after those courses, is to work with me directly. 

I love guiding writers through Novel Development.

And I coach 1 - 3 individual writers each month, helping them solve problems and stay accountable. I act like a writing advisor on retainer, enabling them to stay in the writing flow.

I also do developmental editing for a small number of authors. Usually, I only offer this service to writers who have taken one of my courses: this makes the process so efficient and stream-lined, as we're able to talk with a shared technical vocabulary.

It's exciting for both of us to see how quickly the book's next draft takes shape.

If you are interested in any of those more advanced options, contact me!

info @ danieldavidwallace.com

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Daniel’s courses are chock full of useful information.

"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor. If you can take a class with him, do it!"

JULIA BROWN //  Fiction editor at AGNI

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Is it weird that I think of him as my literary midwife? Because I totally do.

"Daniel respected my work and vision on a profound level but also had a keen editorial eye and a stroke of literary genius that took everything I’d written to the next level."

Tawni Waters  //  Author of The Long Ride Home & Beauty of the Broken