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About "Novel Development"

The advanced one-on-one program with a single goal: get your plot imagined, outlined, and ready to write.

Novel Development

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Here's the initial questionnaire for Novel Development. I may have more questions later!

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Novel Development takes, usually, four phone calls to complete. Book the first session here.

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About the Teacher


Daniel is the creator of the "character-first" approach and the host of his trio of annual summits. He writes a semi-daily newsletter to almost six-thousand writers around the world.

  • Hi, I started reading Jade City and I am hooked.
    I was never one for gangsta movies or books but her very first words got me:
    “The two would-be jade thieves …” What a wealth of information and intruige in this six words! It instantly hints on danger and disaster: would-be is only used for not sucessful. So I needed to read on to find out how they floundered.
    And there is even more information in it:
    -they are no regular thiefs, so they are newbies.
    Jade must be very important, if they try to steal exactly that and not ‘jewels’ or money. I am at awe here!
    By the way, my reader shows me that this novel has over 1100 pages, is that true or do I have a strange copy?
    If so, would you please also mention the chapters, Daniel? It would be easier to follow then. Thanks!

    • Chris Flocken says:

      I received the paperback edition today, which is 495 pages. Chapter 1, The Twice Lucky is page 1; Chapter 2, The Horn of No Peak on page 10; Chapter 3, The Sleepless Pillar on page 19; Chapter 4, The Torch of Kekon on page 31; Chapter 5, The Horn’s Kitten, on page 40. Since there are 57 chapters plus an Epilogue, I won’t go through the entire book.

  • allisongailb says:

    I’m really liking Jade City so far. I’m on the second chapter.

  • I enjoyed the start of Jade City and had to stop myself reading beyond two chapters. It was so easy to read I underestimated the skill in the way the dialogue was written. A lesson well learned.

  • Hello Daniel I am an aspiring screenwriter who wants to learn and writer character-driven screenplay. I want to have a deep and thorough understanding of characters, character development and character arc.
    Please directed me to the appropriate place.
    Thank you

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