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Say hello! Where are you based? What are you writing?

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A story about a supernatural first date

I read these four pages for the University of Tennessee's first "Chiamus" event. It's a story about a man who believes his girlfriend is sending him magical sex stuff, long distance. But actually something else is going on.

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Nisi Shawl on "Writing the Other."

The camera angle is odd, there is some background noise, but this is still one of the best conversations about writing I've ever had. Nisi Shawl, the author of Everfair, who literally wrote the book Writing the Other, discusses how authors can write about characters unlike themselves.

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Lish McBride on her messy, messy drafts

Lish McBride, author of the amazing hit "Hold Me Closer Necromancer," talked to one of my earliest online classes about her writing process and the complexities of what a real writing & publishing career looks like.  

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Bill Loehfelm on writing crime novels

Bill Loehfelm is a lovely person and the author of several novels. Here, he talks about his craft, his approach to writing a first draft, and how his career has developed.