Thank you to everyone who purchased my Black Friday special Your Best Writing Year.

If you missed that email, it was a big discount on a one-off coaching session.

I’m going to run that sale for another 24 hours. So if it’s interesting, I suggest signing up today, before the discount coupon loses its power.

I wanted to offer you something simple and helpful, too, for Cyber Monday.

It’s simple: a conversation and feedback about something you’ve written.

Send me something. I’ll read it and write comments. Then, over the phone, I’ll guide you to see the work’s strengths and weaknesses, and help you figure out your next steps.

In other words: email me a short piece of writing (under thirty pages). I’ll read it, send you a page of written feedback, and we will talk on the phone afterwards about my comments and where you want to take the project next.

Normally, I would charge a base of $49, plus $3 per page (up to the 30-page mark). But for today, Cyber Monday, I’m reducing that price to $49 plus $2 per page. So if you have written a 20 page story or essay, I’ll read it, send you feedback, and coach you over the phone for $109.

If that sounds interesting, sign up here!

P.S. Both of these coupons expire in 24 hours.