Deliberate Writing Practice

A free training course for fiction writers

The easiest story you will ever write

Do you write stories?

If so, I’ve made something for you.

It’s a free training course for fiction writers.

I turned one of my most popular fiction-writing courses into an email sequence.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a class at my university, you can see how I teach storytelling for free.

You sign up with your email address, and you get a series of six emails, two a week, guiding you through the creation of a completely new story.

I will provide a framework for the plot; you will provide the setting and the protagonist. It’s a lot of fun.

You’ll need a few minutes to read each message, and ten to fifteen minutes to write out each part.

It should be the easiest short story you’ve ever created.

Writers who have signed up to the course describe how freeing and liberating the approach is, and how easy it is to begin.

Sylvia: "Right now, what I like best is that this step-by-step building-block approach forces me think about each essential element of a story and how they naturally build upon one another."

Osvaldo: "I just want to say thank you for taking the time to come up with these emails. Because of it I’m writing."

Does that sound interesting? Here’s more:

Create a new short story

This course contains six short emails and they go out twice a week.

Firstly, each message contains a quick technique for training yourself in the arts of fiction (plot, setting, narration and so on).

Secondly, the series guides you (step by step) through the process of planning and writing out a short story.

By the end of the sixth email, you will have done all the hard work for a completely new tale.

(We will still need to round out the story after these emails are done, but the bones of the beast will have been discovered.)

The best part of the process: this new story will arise out of your specific situation, your environment and location, and your own voice.

P.S. If you do sign up, and find that the course is not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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