Hire a Developmental Editor to read, assess, and Create a plan for Your Manuscript: from Revision to Publication

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"Daniel respected my work and vision on a profound level but also had a keen editorial eye and a stroke of literary genius that took everything I’d written to the next level.

Is it weird that I think of him as my literary midwife?"

- Tawni Waters, I.L.A. award-winning author of Beauty of the Broken, The Long Ride Home, Siren Song and So Speak the Stars.

If you have finished a draft, or are three quarters of the way through a draft, maybe it's time to hire a developmental editor.

An editor reads your work, tells you how to revise it, and helps you prepare the book for publication.

(There are three levels of editing: developmental, copyediting, and proofreading. You might think of them operating at the level of the plot, the paragraph, and the sentence. I typically focus on the first, developmental or structural editing).

Now, this is a serious endeavour for the editor. Reading a manuscript, preparing comments, and working with the author as they make changes takes a lot of time. And so any good editor will charge a lot for the service ($2,000 seems common).

That's why I like to break up my editing service into sections or chunks. The first payment ($425) is the reading fee. I read the novel, make quick comments in the margins, and then I tell you where I think the story is and what you should do next. 

That should take me five hours of work. If you then want to continue, we will book another block of hours: this five hour block is usually where I do the full planning out of the final draft. 

Please feel encouraged to email me and discuss before you sign up. This is a very focused and personal service, and I can't take many authors on at any one time. If the button on this page works, however, then I am still accepting manuscripts.

There is usually a two-week delay between the purchase of a block of editing time and when I get started (just because my schedule is so busy.)

Note: this service assumes you have a manuscript for me to read. If you really just want to talk about the outline or plan, you should buy Novel Development, instead. 


"Daniel is a genuine problem solver – a story whisperer! Now I’m motivated and working on what is becoming my best work."

- Billie Tomlinson

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I'm Daniel David Wallace, novelist, teacher, & PhD researcher

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"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor.

Daniel is attentive to plot, structure, character, and other high-level narrative elements, but you’ll appreciate his ability to zoom in closely on language and sentence-level concerns.

If you can take a class with him, do it!"

- Julia Brown, editor and literary author

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