This is an optional add-on to the course Plotting and Planning Your Novel: I will write out a scene-by-scene outline of your novel. You will then own the outline and can adjust it or write it as you choose.

It’s your idea. It’s your novel. But perhaps some help with sequencing your story would be helpful.

In other words, maybe you love this course and its ideas but feel like you would benefit from a completed draft of your outline BEFORE you really see how it will work for your story.

How it will work:

  1. We will talk on the phone and you will complete a questionnaire about your goals for the story.
  2. I will write up an outline with notes and an audio or video explainer guide.
  3. We will talk again on the phone to discuss, adjust things, make final edits.
  4. I will send you the outline and release all rights to you.

Important things to note:

  • You must have already registered for Plotting and Planning Your Novel: it’s an upgrade to the course because I will create the outline based on the ABC plot. Only get this upgrade if you’ve watched part of the plotting videos and thought the kind of novel they described looked cool.
  • There are currently only two openings for this service and once they are gone I may not offer it again.
  • I can only plot out a novel that has one or two POV protagonists and which takes place over a relatively short amount of time (months rather than years in fictional time). Now, if you have notes and sketches for a ten year story with 18 protagonists, I can definitely streamline and simplify your premise for you! I can turn what you have into a focused and well-structured tale. This is often incredibly valuable for writers. But I can’t write an outline for 18 POV characters.
  • I can’t offer a cash refund for this service. It’s a lot of custom work and time for me, and there are a limited number of openings. That said, if you don’t 100% love the outline I’ve created, we can figure something out. There are other programs and services I can offer as a re-payment in kind, like access to my paid writing group The Writing Circle. I never like a writer to be unhappy!
  • However, if I discover I simply can’t create the outline, I’ll refund your payment.
  • It’s “just” an outline, so I won’t be delivering actually written scenes or chapters. Similarly, if you have a very intricate magic system or historical setting, the outline I write may have to contain placeholders like “the dark truth about x is finally explained, to her horror…” We can sharpen and clarify those placeholders in our final conversation.

This service costs $700 and there are two openings.

Buy one of those openings here: