I have taught business writing all over the world.

I’ve coached insurers in Taipei, advertising directors in London, and financial advisors in Pennsylvania.

For all these professionals, writing is a daily resume that they share with their customers.

Good writing is always a mark of quality, of knowledge, and of care, everywhere in the world.

Similarly, bad writing is noticeable almost instantly. Even small errors erode the trust that a client has built up in your work.

If you would like to be the kind of professional who is known for easy-to-read, authoritative, and persuasive writing, take a look at my short (and free) email series, Expertise: a guide for business writers.

It’s an email-based course: the emails will arrive over the next couple of weeks. Each will give you suggestions for how to achieve a few quick wins in your work.

You should expect to end the series with a noticeably greater ease and confidence in your writing.

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