Follow me Step-by-Step as I imagined, Wrote, and revised an Award-winning Short Story

See how one tiny change can take a story from good to great.

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"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor.

Daniel is attentive to plot, structure, character, and other high-level narrative elements, but you’ll appreciate his ability to zoom in closely on language and sentence-level concerns.

If you can take a class with him, do it!"

- Julia Brown, editor and literary author

"The Hills Will Melt Like Wax" is one of my most successful short stories. It won the Hodges prize, was published in The Tampa Review, and earned a finalist spot in several competitions.

It's a story about a rabbi in Philadelphia who meets the devil.

In short, simple lessons, this mini course talks you through the writing of the story: how I got started, where I got stuck, and how I found a solution.


  • how to figure out when a story isn't working
  • ways to get inspired
  • why writers underestimate "quiet" moments in their tales
  • what gnostic and Jewish mystical ideas suggest about good and evil

The course contains five short videos and a pdf of the story itself.

"Daniel Wallace gives smart, clear-headed editorial advice and his services are well worth every penny. Even working with a literary agency, going through rewrites, I had not received this level of attentiveness, this kind of sensitivity to the project at hand. Daniel responded quickly and was generous with feedback.

His suggestions have helped enormously--and he is particularly astute about issues of plotting, and whether the structure is serving the characters and their story. I hope Daniel Wallace is still accepting clients when I finish my next novel, because his service is invaluable."

- Martha Otis 

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I'm Daniel David Wallace, novelist, teacher, & PhD researcher

I've taught writing workshops for Rutgers University, Sundress Academy for the Arts, and the University of Tennessee. I've presented craft talks at the AWP Conference and many other writing festivals.

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"Daniel respected my work and vision on a profound level but also had a keen editorial eye and a stroke of literary genius that took everything I’d written to the next level.

Is it weird that I think of him as my literary midwife?"

- Tawni Waters, I.L.A. award-winning author of Beauty of the Broken, The Long Ride Home, Siren Song and So Speak the Stars.

A picture of me, Daniel Wallace

Daniel David Wallace

Creator of Plotting and Planning Your Novel

Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a writer, teacher, PhD researcher, and book editor. I create easy-to-implement techniques that help you master the craft of fiction.

I've given lectures on plot at the AWP conference and other writing festivals around the US, and my work has been read at the Iowa Writers Workshop. My fiction has won the Hodges prize, the Toni Brown scholarship, and I've published short stories and essays in many journals. In my regular life, I teach advanced writing skills at a great university. 

Since I started teaching online, I've worked with hundreds of writers as a coach and teacher. Over two-thousand writers subscriber to my newsletter, "Writing Related." 

I'm currently working with a publisher on a novel set in Taiwan: it involves unhappy English teachers and a ghost.


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