a soup-to-nuts non-fiction class for writers

As you know, I primarily teach fiction classes. As a result, I've always felt sad about the many writers in my audience who write non-fiction -- either as the whole of their work or part of it. 

 This is why I'm very excited about this class I'm hosting with acclaimed author Kathryn Miles. 

 Kathryn is a fantastic teacher (I've been her student for a class all about noticing details) and a prolifically published journalist, with bylines in The New York Times Book Review, Politico, Popular Mechanics, Outside, and many other places.

Life Writing: The Craft of Personal Narrative and Memoir

60 participants, max

This will be a private and supportive space where there are no "dumb questions."

six weeks course

This will be a 6- week course that meets once a week for 2.5 hours on Zoom. Class time will be divided between reading and discussing exemplary published work, generative free writing assignments, skills modules, and workshop.

Discord Forum

You'll be able to share paragraphs and pages of your work for peer review

What to expect in this class?

The class will run for 6 weeks, with weekly sessions of 2.5 hours conducted on Zoom. Each class will be structured to include time for reading and discussing exemplary published works, engaging in generative free writing assignments, covering skills modules, and participating in workshops.

This is a in-depth class that covers topic origination, voice and structure, revision, and navigating the process of getting essays or book-length projects published through serial publications, literary agents, or independent publishers.

Is this for you? 

This is designed for individuals interested in crafting and publishing creative nonfiction centered on personal narratives for a broad audience. Participants with diverse skill levels and varying levels of prior experiences are welcome to join the class. 

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meet Your teacher

Kathryn Miles, PhD

An award-winning journalist and science writer.

Kathryn Miles is an award-winning journalist and science writer. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Saint Louis University and took both her Master of Arts and Doctorate in English from the University of Delaware. The long-time editor of Hawk & Handsaw, Miles served as professor of environmental studies and writing at Unity College from 2001-2015 and has since taught in several graduate schools and low residency-MFA programs. Miles is the author of five books: Adventures with Ari, All Standing, Superstorm, Quakeland, and Trailed: One Woman’s Quest to Solve the Shenandoah Murders. Her essays and articles have appeared in publications including Audubon, Best American Essays, The Boston Globe, Down East, Ecotone, History, National Geographic, The New York Times, Outside, Pacific Standard, Politico, Popular Mechanics, and Time. She currently serves as a scholar-in-residence for the Maine Humanities Council, a visiting professor at Colby College, and a member of the Eastern Oregon University MFA faculty. She is also a private consultant available for emerging and established writers. Kathryn lives in Portland, Maine.

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