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Almost all imaginative people feel self-doubt.

This tendency seems to be common to all creative fields.

In fact, the more we learn about the lives of great writers and thinkers, the more universal this attitude seems to be.

We discover that everyone — from John Keats to millionaire copy writers — seems to frequently feel basically, on balance, in the end — well, — kind of rubbish.

So, while there is probably no permanent cure for this condition, there does seem to be an effective treatment.

The less lonely we feel as creative people, the happier we become, and the less time we waste worrying.

The treatment, therefore, is to increase the amount of time one spends in an artistic frame of mind.

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My goal is to share what I know — two or three Fridays a month — about one or two artists, living or dead, who may inspire you. I'll also include news about books, thoughts about craft and the writing life, and tips on forging a sustainable income as a creative person.

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This is the blog where I share detailed, concrete techniques for writing with more fluency, confidence, and impact. It's also where I outline strategies for building a thriving creative career.

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Daniel David Wallace

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