If you are a great writer, you can always find people ready to hire you.

If you are a great writer, you can stand in front of two hundred people and amaze them with the delivery of your sentences.

Whatever your passion is in life, if you are a great writer, you will be able to convince other people to listen to you.

Do you want to improve your writing?

Welcome to my blog.

I’m an award-winning writer, editor, and teacher.

I’ve coached financial advisors, spiritual memorists, and poets to produce better writing.

I help writers create new work more quickly, with less stress.

Me, and baby, with a halo.

I’ve been lucky enough to guide brilliant authors to win new literary awards.

And I’ve shown hundreds of students how to suddenly “get” writing — to see how the thing they are trying to create actually works.

And I’ve planned out writing schedules for CEOs and financial managers.

I’ve also lectured on plot twists and storytelling at the AWP Conference (the biggest conference of the year for creative writers).

  I help writers of all levels create their best work.

In other words, I love writing, and I love to talk about writing, and I love to teach writing.

I’ve learned that when I can break down the component parts of a piece of writing, and teach someone the micro-steps involved in composing a story, or an argument, or a sentence, then they can build up their skills more rapidly than they thought possible.

It’s a great moment when this happens.

I always like getting messages from readers.

Here are some ways to get in touch with me.

Taken in the Magic Gardens of Philadelphia. Me Looking Creative

Tell Me More

  1. I’m an Englishman who lives in Tennessee. I’ve been in the US so long that my accent is starting to wobble. American vowels are creeping in and I can’t seem to stop them. It’s so bad some English people don’t believe me when I say where I’m from.
  2. I’m a novelist and a short story writer. My fiction is represented by Inkwell Management, a brilliant literary agent in New York.
  3. I got married in a magical barn in the mountains of North Carolina. I recommend this to everyone.
  4. My wife and I own possibly the most beautiful dog in all of East Tennessee, a very gentle siberian husky named Gracie. School children stare, cars slow down, people lean out of windows. Once, I was heading with Gracie down a narrow lane, and an old lady in a battered Cadillac was coming my way, very fast. I moved aside so she could race on, but instead she jerked the huge car to a halt, and, laughing, cried out, “Don’t worrry, son. I might hit you, but I would never hit that beautiful dawg!” I think she meant this to be reassuring.
  5. I’ve had my work read aloud at the Iowa Writers Workshop (that’s like the Harvard of creative writing).
  6. Yes, raising a small child is the best thing ever. Yes, I am completely exhausted.
  7. My wife, Jeni, takes amazing pictures of her fantastic cooking, and you should follow her on Instagram.
  8. I have forgotten a lot of Mandarin Chinese. I have also tried to learn German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Latin, all with little success.
  9. I love William Blake. I have read Northrop Frye’s study of Blake, Fearful Symmetry, over and over again. I have been known, when among friends, and after a few drinks, to begin talking about Blake’s philosophy and refuse to stop.
  10. Yeah, I have a PhD (I studied the best methods for teaching writing). But there’s no need to call me Doctor.

Me and Jeni in Philadelphia

So, that’s me.

You should send me an email, or read some of the highlights of this blog.

I also have a library of resources for writers, including the revised and updated version of my very popular series on writing better sentences.

Welcome to the Library

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