Write Better Sentences

Ten essays to transform your writing voice

The secrets of great writers

I've read dozens of books on writing style.

I struggled through their abstract language and intense grammatical discussions.

For this guide, I wrote up the best of those lessons in simple, easy to follow language.

The book outlines ten techniques that will transform your writing.

Topics include:

  • Where to put the most important word in a sentence?
  • Is it better to focus the reader's attention on verbs or nouns?
  • Why does "hypotactic" writing make your reader turn pages faster?

Learning about these writing techniques, and trying them out in practice sessions, has noticeably affected my ability to communicate and to express myself more vividly.

And the same has been true for this book’s readers.

Ramesh: "Daniel, your love for sentences, paragraphs is infectious."

Over three-thousand novelists, bloggers, and freelancers have read, shared, and commented on these essays.

Some readers said that they reached the final essay in a state of euphoria, feeling like a veil had been removed from their eyes.

However, if reading through these pieces simply expands your verbal toolkit, and gives you more options as you work on your next writing project, I will be very happy.

The book is free. If you enjoy it, let me know.

This book is really helpful. The techniques made a big difference to my writing.

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