Seven days to get writing: day one

The introduction to this series is here.
But the idea is simple: one quick writing exercise a day for seven days. Post the results in a comment below, or, if you prefer, email them to me (at my name at gmail).
Exercise one: write five sentences.

I like to set myself challenges for sentences, either to copy the format and structure of another writer’s sentence, or to require myself to write a sentence with set characteristics. I feel like the practice gives me more options when I return to the “real” part of my daily writing routine.

The aim here isn’t necessarily to write beautiful lines, but just to exercise your brain. Trying out small challenges like this should build up writing muscles you didn’t know you had.

Write, on any subject you like, a sentence that:

  1. starts and ends with the same letter.
  2. has two commas.
  3. contains the words “only” and “very.”
  4. repeats the same letter four times.
  5. is lop-sided, with all the interesting or important words either at the start or the end.

— Some of these prompts are inspired by Don Delillo’s Paris Review interview. —

Some examples from me:
1. Consequences in this town are rarely aesthetic.
2. The cat, plump and silky, stretched out on the bed.
4. The broken egg dripped from the toddler’s fist.

— Try them out! Another very different exercise tomorrow.

Daniel Wallace