an intensive Peer review class for writers

The Critique Circle is a live-taught online class for writers who want to delve deeper into the creative process and learn not only from an instructor but from each other. Writing is often a solitary experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Students will come together as a writing group to learn the best practices for giving, accepting, and applying constructive critique in a workshop style course. The Critique Circle will be a class, but it will also be a community.

Designed for writers with a base knowledge of storytelling with some writing experience under their belts (at least 50 pages written of their current project), the Critique Circle will best serve writers who are eager to improve their skills through peer feedback.

This course will involve a give and take, with some work done outside of official meeting times. Students should expect to read their fellow students’ work and provide feedback in a kind, respectful, and constructive manner. Because of the nature of this class, students should plan to attend and actively participate in sessions.

All craft lectures will be recorded and shared with participants. However, in order to respect the vulnerability of circle members, replays of the feedback sessions and discussions will not be made available.

Join THe first cohort
July 1st-August 19th

10 participants, max

This will be a private and supportive space where there are no "dumb questions."

Discord Forum

You'll also be able to share your work for peer review. 

A supportive and welcoming community

We will support each other and our work -- and learn how to give feedback in constructive ways.

8 weeks of Critique

Participants engage in an eight-week writing course focused on structured critique sessions, where they share and review each other's work, culminating in guidance on fostering lasting critique partnerships beyond the course.

Learn how to work with feedback

All artists need to learn how to interpret advice and feedback from others. Learn a process for working with critique and practice giving constructive feedback to others.

How will this work?

The class will be taught through zoom and a dedicated discord group, and will take place from July 1st to August 19th.

Session 1

July 1st, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 2

July 8th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 3

July 15th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 4

July 22nd, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 5

July 29th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 6

August 5th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 7

August 12th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Session 8

August 19th, 4pm on Monday (NYC time)

Students will be required to read their peers'work prior to workshop classes, so they should expect to do a small amount of "homework" outside of class times.

The Eight Week Course Plan:

Week 1: Meet your Critique Circle

The Critique Circle will meet for the first time. Each student should be prepared to share their personal writing history and a little about the project they are working on for the circle’s duration. Students will sign up for one of five critique dates with two slots each.

Week 2: The Fundamentals of Critique

This week, the circle will discuss the basics of providing constructive criticism, as well as how to accept critique. The group will practice on a piece provided by the instructor. 

Beginning this week and continuing through week 6, students will turn in 1500-3000 words for critique one week prior to their critique date.

Weeks 3-7: Let the critiques begin!

In advance of each session, the circle will read the two pieces for critique. Hosted by the instructor, the group will engage in constructive discussion and provide feedback to the author. Each piece will be discussed for approximately 20 minutes with 10 minutes at the end for the author to ask questions about the feedback. Circle members may provide additional feedback to the author in writing.

Week 8: The Circle Never Ends

Though the course is over, the feedback loop continues! At the final class, writers will learn about the lasting benefits of feedback and how to form lasting critique partner relationships (with each other or with new friends).

meet Your Teacher

Rosiee Thor

Author of Tarnished Are The Stars, Fire Becomes Her, The Meaning of Pride, and Life is Strange: Steph’s Story.

Rosiee Thor began their career as a storyteller by demanding to tell their mother bedtime stories instead of the other way around. They spent their childhood reading by flashlight in the closet until they came out as queer. They live in Oregon with a dog, two cats, and an abundance of plants. They are the author of Tarnished Are The Stars, Fire Becomes Her, The Meaning of Pride, and Life is Strange: Steph’s Story.

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