The Writer's online Residency

Re-ignite your fiery creative energies. Get more pages written this January.

What is The Residency

My inspiration for this class comes from two places:

  1. I once went to a great writing retreat where we were given a prompt in the morning, wrote through lunchtime, and then discussed what we wrote in the afternoon. I was amazed how much I wrote -- and how much fun it was to create, solo, in the presence of other people doing the same thing.
  2. I’ve always wanted to create a venue where attendees of summits could get to study on a deeper level with the presenters.

Hence this class! I'm combining these two ideas -- a summit teacher that writers love -- and the magic of generative writing experiences, which prompt you to create new stories, new chapters, new twists -- in a way you might never have thought possible.

Why it will be great

The start of the year can be a slow artistic time. This workshop will give you plenty of fresh ideas and give your writing muscles a valuable refresher. Begin the year with a sense of community and joy about writing as we work through four writing prompts together.

What you will receive in the camp

  • Four writing prompts / invitations from four different teachers.
    The sessions will all be recorded and shared with you.
  • A private conversation forum just for camp participants.
  • Prompts each week to boost your writing.
  • Reflection sessions to review what we created.
  • An invitation to set a manageable, practical writing goal for the month.

Meet Daniel

I'm Daniel David Wallace, an award-winning writer and teacher. I spent four years of a PhD researching new ways to help writers like you tell a great story.

My stories, reviews, and essays have been published in great magazines like Tampa Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Air Schooner, and my writing won me awards like the Toni Brown scholarship and the Hodges prizes.

But when I sent my first novel to the big publishing houses, it was rejected. This was a tough experience! And so I designed a way of teaching storytelling that the younger me would have wanted to find, the "character-first" approach.

I'm grateful that this approach has resonated with so many people: 12,000 writers read my newsletter each week and every year I host three conferences on the craft of writing.

three Comments on Daniel's teaching

Elizabeth R. Alix

Author of Maple Hill Chronicles

Tannis Laidlaw

Mystery Writer

Quenntin Ashby

Urban Fantasy Writer

See you at the Summit Camp!