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To be honest, I was worried for a moment. Sometimes people just ignore the "confirmation" email. Sometimes it seems to get stolen, or go missing.

Here in my office, some of those ghosts of famous authors, the ones who were happy you signed up, well — they were a little nervous, too.

Alexandre Dumas is kind of a high-stress guy, it turns out, and he kept demanding more coffee while we waited. The Brontë sisters just stared, in silence, at the screen.

But all that worry is over. You're in. And I'm really happy to share the "character-first" writing approach with you. Now, the first lesson is coming your way.

It might arrive immediately. It might take a few minutes. 

Either way, here's what you can expect.

We're going to work through the plan of a short story, piece by piece:

the 12 lessons of the course

And we're going to try out these techniques in a series of interactive prompts / exercises. In other words, you won't just be reading some clever ideas. You'll actually start sketching out your story — with the help of these little prompts.

PS Every time you complete a prompt, you'll receive your answers in an email, so you can save them and keep working on your new story.

gif animation of one of the forthcoming prompts

One other reminder: this course is "do at your own pace." At the end of each email, there will be an action step for you to complete: a prompt, a question, or an invitation to send me some feedback by email. As soon as you click on that action step, the next part of the course will be sent to your inbox. So the more you enjoy the course, the quicker you'll learn these powerful writing skills.

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