Revise your Story and meet your word-count goals: 

Join the Character-First writing workshop!

Join me and eleven other writers in a supportive, low-stakes, but serious online writing class. 

"This workshop has been so helpful! Daniel gave such detailed, specific feedback on my work, including an additional video shared afterward, that I know exactly what changes to make to create a strong opening to my novel. 

Additionally, every week of the workshop, we have focused on a different larger issue - pacing, character development, dialogue - that we discuss using a participant's specific work, but that has applicable uses in our own work as well. Daniel is engaging, responsive, and has the unique ability to steer the workshop conversation without diminishing anyone's comments or ideas.

I highly recommend the workshop!"

- Katie Brown 

There's nothing like a good writing class to get you inspired and give you a deadline.

In this six-week writing workshop, we'll meet online once a week to review each other's work, set ourselves some writing goals, and discuss the craft of writing.

The class begins March 10th, 2020.

PS Membership is limited to twelve people. Once twelve seven two more writers register, the class will close for new registrants and you'll be invited to join the waiting list for the next installment of the workshop (late in 2020).

(There are only two spots left now).

It's first come, first served, so if you're interested, sign up to guarantee your spot.

"Daniel Wallace gives smart, clear-headed editorial advice and his services are well worth every penny. Even working with a literary agency, going through rewrites, I had not received this level of attentiveness, this kind of sensitivity to the project at hand. Daniel responded quickly and was generous with feedback.

His suggestions have helped enormously--and he is particularly astute about issues of plotting, and whether the structure is serving the characters and their story. I hope Daniel Wallace is still accepting clients when I finish my next novel, because his service is invaluable."

- Martha Otis 

our weekly schedule, Monday to Sunday

How will This work?

Once you register, I'll invite you to pick a week on our shared calendar. On the Monday of that week, you'll share up to twenty pages of a story, novel chapter, or essay / memoir.

I'll record some video feedback to share with you, giving you tips and suggestions. The rest of the group will write or record their own feedback to share with you confidentially.

On the Sunday of that same week, we'll meet online to discuss your story. We'll have a pleasant, supportive conversation about what's working for us, what's not yet working, and where we had questions.

Each Sunday, we'll look at one-two people's work, for 45 minutes each.

We'll also discuss writing techniques in general and give ourselves a shared goal for the next week's writing or editing.

All the sessions will be recorded so you'll be able to watch them again (or catch up if you're busy that weekend.)

Note: if you don't want to share any work, that's completely fine. I'll use your Sunday time slot for a lesson on a valuable writing skill. You can even tell me what you want me to talk about :-)

your online writing workshop

Six weeks of live discussion and instruction

"… with your method, I feel less worried. I am relaxed and enjoying the process. A miracle!

I think you are perhaps the most generous person (writing teacher) with your time I have ever met. 

- Billie Tomlinson

A picture of me, Daniel Wallace

I'm Daniel David Wallace, novelist, teacher, & PhD researcher

I've taught writing workshops for Rutgers University, Sundress Academy for the Arts, and the University of Tennessee. I've presented craft talks at the AWP Conference and many other writing festivals.

daniel speaking in public

I want this workshop to be an engaging, enjoyable experience for you. If we start to feel like the pace is too fast, we can take a week off or add an extra week of workshops at the end.

I'll also be giving general craft advice based on our conversations. If it seems like several people are dealing with the same problem, I'll record or present a craft lecture designed to help us move past that issue.

(If fewer than twelve people sign up, conversely, we may be able to speed up or add new elements to the schedule.)

Julia Brown testimonial

"Not all good writers are good teachers, but Daniel David Wallace (a talented, thoughtful writer himself) is a terrific instructor.

Daniel is attentive to plot, structure, character, and other high-level narrative elements, but you’ll appreciate his ability to zoom in closely on language and sentence-level concerns.

If you can take a class with him, do it!"

- Julia Brown, editor and literary author

Why Join a Writing Class?

Here's why this class can help:

Feel Encouraged and supported

It's easier to do creative work when you feel part of a creative community. The group will encourage you to keep going on your writing project.

See How to improve your work

One challenge of the artistic life is that hard to tell whether one's own work is any good... Sometimes our vanity confuses us and makes us think a piece of writing is finished when it's not quite there yet; sometimes our anxieties hide from us when our work is actually good and is ready for readers. Outside feedback speeds up the process a lot.

Set Low-Key goals

We'll agree each week on a low-key, attainable writing goal. You'll have accountability to keep typing away on those keys.

Craft Guidance

In my experience, the advice one gives to one writer is almost always applicable to writing in general. During our live sessions, I'll relate our discussions to particular craft principles and opportunities, so that even if you're not being workshopped, you'll improve your skills.

testimonial image

"Daniel truly has a gift. He’s one of the most patient and encouraging teachers I’ve had. He gives the type of feedback that energizes rather than discourages, the kind that makes you feel like you can rebuild your novel—and rebuild it stronger."

- Allison Saft, YA fantasy writer

bill buege and his wife

"Daniel was as good an editor as one could ever wish for. In fact, he went way over what I expected, suggesting small revisions and cuts, helping me organize my book... Daniel has a good eye and a very good ear."

Bill Buege, author of Stumble into a Lighted Room

A picture of me, Daniel Wallace

Daniel David Wallace

Creator of Plotting and Planning Your Novel

Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a writer, teacher, PhD researcher, and book editor. I create easy-to-implement techniques that help you master the craft of fiction.

I've given lectures on plot at the AWP conference and other writing festivals around the US, and my work has been read at the Iowa Writers Workshop. My fiction has won the Hodges prize, the Toni Brown scholarship, and I've published short stories and essays in many journals. In my regular life, I teach advanced writing skills at a great university. 

Since I started teaching online, I've worked with hundreds of writers as a coach and teacher. Over two-thousand writers subscriber to my newsletter, "Writing Related." 

I'm currently working with a publisher on a novel set in Taiwan: it involves unhappy English teachers and a ghost.

Holly Pic

"This was the course I needed to get me writing again and I am well on my way to finishing my manuscript. Worth it completely."

Holly Pickett, novelist


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